Our new vision

For much of the past year, Foodlink has dedicated a considerable amount of time to updating its Strategic Plan. 

Our board of directors officially adopted the new plan in July, paving the way for an exciting array of innovative objectives and lofty goals in the years ahead. One of the more public-facing changes is the adoption of a revised mission and vision. While our mission’s language was tweaked ever so slightly, our vision was completely overhauled. Formerly, we touted a succinct vision of “a healthy, hunger-free community.”

Take a look at the revised versions below. We hope you like what you read! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power of food to end hunger and build healthier communities.

Our Vision

We believe that the fight against hunger and the fight against poverty are one and the same. We envision a future in which food is recognized as a human right and every person is able to feed themselves and their families in dignity. Together, we work to create a more nourished, prosperous region.