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To provide hunger relief, eliminate the root causes of hunger, improve health, and promote economic development. We do this through the distribution of food to a network of agencies and by empowering individuals through nutritional and agricultural programs.


To build a hunger-free community and a sustainable regional food system in which every individual has access to nutritious food and is empowered with the tangible skills to lead a healthy and productive life. 


  • Respect: We treat each other with dignity and respect. We respect each other, our agencies and people in need and expect our partners to do the same.
  • Stewardship and Accountability: We believe in being accountable for our actions. We keep faith with the public and ensure efficient use of resources.
  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of the community. We value candid discussions with employees and partners through open processes and honest communication. We seek out and are responsive to the input and counsel of our partners.
  • Urgency: We operate with an urgency that reflects the immediate needs of hungry people.
  • Service: We believe service is fundamental to creating a hunger-free America.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty, trust, and openness. We always tell the truth.
  • Diversity: We believe that ethic, cultural, and social diversity are fundamental to our success. We accept one another and encourage diversity in thoughts and ideas.
  • Teamwork: We value teamwork. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Safety: We do not compromise and take pride in our safety record.
  • Sharing of Information: We build trust through the open sharing of information – knowledge is power.

Policies & Procedures

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Values in Action


To increase awareness of our organization’s core values and to reward those who translate values into action. The core values we seek to reinforce through the “Values in Action” program are: Respect, Stewardship and Accountability, Collaboration, Urgency, Service, Integrity, Diversity, Teamwork, Safety and Sharing of Information. With your help, we want to recognize people exhibiting these core values in their everyday work lives and share these experiences with all staff.

Program Description:

“Values in Action” Award recipients will be presented with a certificate of recognition as well as a $25 Wegmans gift certificate. At the end of the year, individuals receiving “Values in Action” awards will have their names placed in a box for a random drawing at the company holiday party. Multiple award recipients will have a corresponding number of entrées in the drawing. The winner of the drawing will receive a $250 gift card.


All fulltime and part-time regular employees are eligible to nominate and be nominated for “Values in Action” awards.

Nomination Procedure:

  1. If you would like to nominate an individual for a “Values in Action” award, you must comply will the following procedure:
  2. Complete a copy of the “Values in Action” nomination form . Copies of the nomination form are also available in the front of the “Values in Action” nomination drop box. The information you provide must be complete, specific, and legible. 
  3. Submit the completed nomination via the “Values in Action” nomination box at least three business days prior to the Department Meeting at which you would like the award to be presented. These forms will be forward to the Human Resource Manager. 
  4. The Chief Operating Officer and the individual’s manager will review the nomination for completeness and either approve or return it to the nominating employee for additional information. 
  5. Once approved, the Human Resource Manager will submit the list of winners, their approved nomination forms, and the appropriate awards to the Chief Operating Officer for presentation of the “Values in Action” award. 
  6. The Chief Operating Officer will present the award(s) at the next Department or Management meeting.


Stephanie Keller, (585)328.3380 x 114

Health and Wellness

Under construction … stay tuned.


Q.  How do I log on to ADP portal?

A.  If you have not logged on to the ADP portal before, enter the web site https://portal.adp.com into your browser.  Click “First time users register here.”  The PassCode is: Foodlink1-ess.  On the upper right corner of “MyTimecard” there is a training tab that can help navigate you through the portal.

Q.  How do I request for paid time off?

A.  Fill out a “Time off Request” form located here: P:\Human_Resources\Forms\Time off Request Form.doc (or contact your manager) and give to your supervisor for approval.  Once approved, please return to Human Resources.

Q.  Where do I find contact information for my benefits?

A.  View the HR Services Directory located here: P:\Human_Resources\Contact Lists\HR Services Directory.doc.  Other contact information can be found on your ID cards for both health and dental.

Q.  Who do I contact to purchase office supplies? 

A.  First contact Bill, Front Desk Receptionist, to see if the item you are interested in purchasing is in stock.  If not, fill out the “OfficeMax Supply Request” form located here:  \\main\public\Forms\Office Max Supply Request.xlsx.  Then, gain your managers approval and submit to Bill when completed.

Q.  How do I request for Mileage Reimbursement?

A.  Make sure HR has a copy of your driver’s license and car insurance information.  You will also need to sign off authorize a Motor Vehicle Report.  HR will run a MVR and if the report is approved, you will be eligible for reimbursements.  You may then fill out the “Expense Report” located here:  P:\Forms\Expense_Report.xls.   Fill in the odometer readings and total mileage.  Your project or grant code will depend on where you traveled and why.  If you traveled for work on Cooking Matters, the project would be CM.  If you used the car to pick up items for the Festival of Food, your project would be FOF.  For questions related to what project or department your request if for, please contact Shari Lamphron, Business Manager. Once approved, return to the Business Office.

Q.  How do I know how many PTO hours I have?

A.  Your PTO hours will be on your paycheck stubs starting January 18, 2013.  Your max PTO hours will also be on your stubs.  For any questions on where to find your hours before then, contact Human Resources.   You will also be able to view current hours on the ADP pay portal under Benefits.

Q.  How do I purchase company apparel?

A.  Use the website:   http://www.cooleybrand.com/client-login/

Username:  Foodlink

Password:  Freshwise

“F” must be capitalized.

When you checkout, keep the “Ship Via” blank and do not put UPS Ground.

Write any instructions under the “Delivery Instructions” such as “no staff” written on the back of t-shirts or sweatshirts if you wish to have it removed.

Please fill out your phone number and your name under “Attn” and fill out the Foodlink address of 1999 Mt. Read Blvd.  Our vendor Cooley, will have it shipped here for distribution.

To keep costs down, we are not able to purchase until we have an order of 10 items.  They will be verified by HR before they are submitted.

The cost of the order will first come out of your yearly allotment.  Anything after that amount will be billed to you and you must pay upon receipt of your apparel.   

Q.  Who do I contact if I lose my key fob or office keys?

A.   Contact Shawn Poutre, Safety & Facilities Manager, should you lose your key fob.

Q.  What if I lose my ID Badge?

A.  Contact Stephanie Keller Payroll & HR Coordinator, to receive another ID badge.

Q.  How do I report an accident in the workplace? 

A.  Inform the Safety & Facilities Manager immediately following the accident.  Have the employee fill out the “Accident Report” form located here: P:\Human_Resources\Accident Reports\Accident Report.doc.  Sign off to the information and return to Safety & Facilities Manager.  Safety & Facilities Manager will then return the Accident Report to HR to track on the HR Dashboard and file.