Member Agency Trainings

In-person trainings

Shopper Orientation & Basic Food Safety

Shopper Orientation is a workshop for agencies that are new to ordering from Foodlink. This is an opportunity for you to get a tour of our warehouse facilities, learn tips and tricks for how to get the most out of our online ordering system, and receive an overview of grant-funding opportunities and how best to use your grants while ordering.

During Basic Food Safety training, we focus on container integrity of donated food product and how to assess if product is safe. We review food product dating requirements such as expiration dates, and safety and sanitation requirements and best practices.

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Level 1 Food Manager Certification

Foodlink offers the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Food Manager Course. This is a national certification and is valid for five years. The 10-hour course is held over 2 days (5 hours/day). Students must receive a 75% or higher to become certified. Upon request, reasonable accommodation can be made for students who require assistance with the exam.

Cost of Training & Exam (course book, exam answer sheet, and test booklet included):
• Foodlink Members: $125
• Non-Members: $140
• Grant Funding: Foodlink is able to provide funding for the cost of the course to one person per HPNAP-funded Emergency Soup Kitchen or Emergency Shelter operating out of a certified kitchen in Monroe and Orleans counties.

Cost of Recertification Exam Only:
You are eligible to re-certify and only take the exam portion if done before your current L1 certification expires.
• Foodlink Members: $45
• Non-Members: $60

Next classes:

  • 2021
    • April 12 & 14, 12 – 5 p.m. (Register by March 25)

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Level 2 Food Worker Certification

The Foodlink Level 2 (L2) Food Worker Certification program is approved by the Monroe County Department of Health and covers New York State’s Department of Health Food Code regulations that are applicable to all counties in Foodlink’s service area. Students must receive a score of at least 77% on the final 30 point exam (23/30) to become certified. The certification is valid for three years.

Cost of Training & Exam

• Foodlink HPNAP-funded emergency shelters or soup kitchens: FREE
• Other Foodlink Member Agencies: $75
• Non-Members: $105

Cost of Recertification Exam Only:
You are eligible to recertify and only take the exam portion if done within a 3-month grace period of your current L2 certification expiration date.
• Foodlink Member Agency: $25
• Non-Foodlink Member: $45

Next classes:

  • 2020
    • Oct. 19, 12 – 6 p.m. (Register by Oct. 9)
      • *** 8/27/20 Update *** 
        The October class is rescheduled for: Monday, Oct. 26, 12 – 6pm (Register by Oct. 22nd) – VIRTUAL ONLY
        Once the registration date passes, all confirmed registrants will receive a link to attend the Zoom-based training. The exam will be proctored virtually in the last hour of the online class. Attendees must have access to an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer or tablet. A smart phone will not be adequate for participation. Questions about class should be directed to Laura Held, Nutrition Resource Manager, at
  • 2021
    • Jan. 13 & 14, 1 – 4 p.m. (Register by Jan. 6)
    • April 12, 12 – 6 p.m. (Register by April 2)

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If have any questions about the food safety trainings, please contact Laura Held at

Online trainings

Members can now find Foodlink’s online training videos and quizzes on the PWW home page. There, they will also find other helpful resources, such as links to healthy recipes and food safety handouts.

If you are a member agency staff or volunteer who does not have access to the PWW home page, reach out to your member agency contact person to learn how to access the videos and quizzes directly from them.