We create opportunities for people who live in our communities to inform and shape the direction of our work.

We believe that programs like Curbside Market are better when the people who use them are invested in helping them grow and thrive.


Community-focused program growth

Curbside Market Ambassadors are people who live in the buildings or neighborhoods we visit. Ambassadors are passionate about connecting people to healthy, affordable food. Ambassadors promote Curbside Market through relationship building, canvassing, and working community events.

Investment in trusted community members

Ambassadors help our staff during the market hours by shopping for other customers and getting people signed up for the Double Up Food Bucks program. In exchange for their time, all Ambassadors receive a monthly stipend, quarterly training, and the opportunity to participate in program planning and advocacy.

Addressing the root causes of hunger

Beyond Curbside Market, Ambassadors are a critical piece of our work to nourish lives. Foodlink works with Ambassadors to identify gaps in food access, education, and policy, and support their efforts to meet community needs.


  • Since 2018, we’ve worked with 20+ Curbside Market Ambassadors from over a dozen communities.
  • In fiscal year 2021, Foodlink invested $22,000 in Ambassadors through stipends and training opportunities.
  • Ambassadors have distributed thousands of flyers in their neighborhoods, organized over a dozen workshops, and have recruited many new Curbside Market customers.
  • Ambassadors have also lent their voices to our advocacy work – providing testimony on SNAP benefits, speaking with elected officials, and participating in planning a local food policy council. (Listen: Curbside Ambassador Marcia Coley (pictured) discusses the impact of potential SNAP cuts on WXXI’s Connections)
“It gives me a sense of pride to be able to say I’m helping the people in my building. I go out and speak to people around the community about this, where I wouldn't have before. You're not doing it for your own self gratification, you're doing it to better the community, you're doing it to better people’s lives. That's about all I can say, it’s to help others.”
Lake Tower
“We have a very good relationship, Foodlink and myself, and that's very critical because if people don’t trust you, they’re not going to go shop, no matter where it is. But we have a trusting relationship with Foodlink, and the tenants trust my word, which is very very important.”
Keeler Park Apartments

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