Community Health Education

We create opportunities for people of all ages to learn about nutrition, cooking and food resource management. 

We believe in putting people at the center of learning. We celebrate the impact that food has on our bodies, our families, and our communities.



Foodlink is a trusted resource for community health education. All workshops and educational opportunities are designed to be accessible, engaging, and useful for participants. Programming can be conducted virtually, at Foodlink, or at community sites across the region.

Cooking Together: Putting the people we serve at the center of learning

Cooking Together is a series of home-based, virtual sessions that support groups of individuals and/or families in their development of cooking skills and exploration of food. 

Edible Education: Increasing kids' curiosity about food, nutrition and the natural world

Edible Education is a customizable program for youth that blends garden-based education, culinary education and nutrition education. 

Connecting resources: Layering health education with Foodlink programs and services

We can offer community health education to Foodlink partners, such as food pantries and meal sites. We work with other Foodlink programs (e.g. Curbside Market) to help participants connect to Foodlink resources.


  • Last year, we introduced the Cooking Together program and hosted 60 virtual cooking classes for participants of all ages.

  • Foodlink’s Community Health Educators have formed a partnership with the Education Success Foundation, delivering edible education (gardening, cooking and nutrition) classes for five separate Education Success Foundation programs, reaching hundreds of area students.

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“Great kid friendly recipes. Staff was super helpful and the program was fuss.”

“This class helped me make better choices by looking at the nutrition facts label.”

“My favorite part of class was learning how to help cook. I’m going to help my mom cook now.”

"We do a lot more cooking together as a family, and I feel a lot more confident with my knife skills. It really empowers you and builds confidence."
Eleonor Payton
Community Health Education participant

How to support our work

Sponsor a Community health Education Class

Foodlink is currently partnering with local organizations that are interested in coordinating 4-week “Cooking Together” classes. If you are interested in supporting this program through a sponsorship, please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch!

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