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Foodlink Career Fellowship Class 7 Graduates!

The Foodlink Career Fellowship welcomed four new aspiring chefs to its alumni network on Monday, March 25. Zamary, Rich, Teagan, and China graduated from the Foodlink Career Fellowship program. The rigorous one year program gives graduates all the tools, resources and skills to enter into the culinary world. These four are now opening the door to their exciting culinary future!

Friends, family, mentors and colleagues all joined together to show support and congratulate the graduates on their success. Each graduate was presented with a certificate of graduation. In addition, Rich was presented with the Jimmy Steiner Award. The Jimmy Stiner Award was created to honor the life and legacy of Jimmy Stiner, a member of the Class of 2020 who passed away in 2021. The award is given to a Fellow from each graduating class who embodies Jimmy’s resilience, commitment to growth and this craft, and positivity shared with the Fellowship, family and community.

Although the graduates have completed their journey with Foodlink, this is not the end for them but rather a new beginning. They now join the alumni network where they continue to learn, build connections and move forward towards their personal and professional goals.

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