WOULD YOU LIKE TO PARTNER WITH US? Foodlink is still seeking partners outside of Monroe County to host Pop-up Pantry food distributions on a monthly or bimonthly basis. If you would like to partner with Foodlink, please contact Mitch Gruber at mgruber@foodlinkny.org.

Pop-Up Pantries

Foodlink Pop-Up Pantries bring emergency food relief to parts of our service area that have limited access to traditional food pantries. Foodlink collects and safely stores food donations, and we rely on dozens of community partners to recruit volunteers and host distribution events on a monthly or bimonthly basis. 

Pop-Up Pantries help us quickly distribute healthy food, primarily in rural communities, throughout our 10-county service area. 

Use the map below to view a chronological list and map of upcoming distribution sites near you. 

Are you interested in hosting a Pop-Up Pantry? Click below to access our food-assistance partnership form. 


You can also learn more about hundreds of other food resources throughout our region by visiting our “Find Food” page.

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