Community Health Education

We create opportunities for people of all ages to learn about nutrition, cooking and food resource management. 

We believe in putting people at the center of learning. We celebrate the impact that food has on our bodies, our families, and our communities.



Foodlink is a trusted resource for community health education. All workshops and educational opportunities are designed to be accessible, engaging, and useful for participants. Programming can be conducted virtually, or at community sites across the region. See criteria below for hosting a workshop or class. 

Cooking Club Kits

Foodlink’s Cooking Club Kits increase kids’ curiosity about food, nutrition, and the natural world! Kits provide indirect education to elementary and middle school students facilitated by teachers/staff for school-based and/or after-school programming. A series of six kits and lesson plans are delivered to schools and youth programs weekly. 


Foodlink’s Workshops are demonstration style classes. They increase knowledge and skills around nutrition and nutritious seasonal produce using simple, affordable recipes. They can include cooking demonstrations, a simple nutrition lesson, or both. Workshops can be one-off or long term series. These classed are also provided to the public on Thursday at the Rochester Public Market! 

Cooking Together Teens & Adults/Families

Our hands-on cooking class series are in-person, hosted at your organization or home-based/virtual sessions that support groups of individuals and/or families in their development of cooking skills and exploration of food. These classes increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to food, nutrition, and food resource management. They can be a four part series. 

Peer-to-Peer/Ambassador Programming

Peer-to-Peer/Ambassador Programming provides opportunities for Foodlink Ambassadors and peer leaders to lead and facilitate classes in their community. 

Foodlink at the Market!

Every Thursday at the Public Market, our nutrition educators offer free recipe demonstrations and nutrition lessons. 

Demonstrations take place at 9 and 10 a.m. in the middle of Shed B at the cooking demo kitchen. Each session takes approximately 20 minutes, and guests are offered samples of a prepared recipe, which focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be purchased at the market. Recipes prepared are healthy, delicious, simple, and inexpensive. Sign-ups are not required to attend a demonstration; everyone is welcome! Guests can show up, grab a seat, and enjoy the interactive workshop.


  • Nutritional Learning and Healthy Eating: Participants have gained practical knowledge about preparing healthy meals, especially salads and vegetables. Learning how to combine ingredients in interesting ways has made healthy eating more enjoyable for the participants. The workshops have exposed participants to new meals and ingredients.


  • Connection and Interaction in Learning Spaces: Participants value the opportunity to connect and interact with others while learning to cook. The shared experience of cooking together promotes engagement and a sense of community at Lifespan.


  • Cooking Workshops: have created a strong sense of community, taught valuable culinary skills, promoted healthy eating habits, and offered a safe space for connection and learning. The combination of effective teaching, nutritional awareness, and positive interactions has had a multifaceted impact on participants’ lives. As these workshops continue, participants look forward to maintaining the existing format while also incorporating suggestions to enhance their experience further.

“Great kid friendly recipes. Staff was super helpful and the program was fuss.”

“This class helped me make better choices by looking at the nutrition facts label.”

“My favorite part of class was learning how to help cook. I’m going to help my mom cook now.”

"What are participants saying..."

"We do a lot more cooking together as a family, and I feel a lot more confident with my knife skills. It really empowers you and builds confidence."
Eleonor Payton
Class Participant
“I have learnt so much about salad and vegetables. Foodlink taught me how to make different meals that are healthy. I absolutely love the recipes (especially the potato soup). I made that for my daughter."
2023 Class Participant
“The division of labor experience in the kitchen is great. It helped me to do things that I would not normally do at home."
Lifespan Participant
“We love everything about the cooking lessons."
2023 Class Participant
"Lora's recipes are budget-friendly and have had a profound impact on participants' food choices."
Lifespan Participant

Health Education Request Form

Fill out the form to engage with our Community Health Education staff about available opportunities. Three types of workshops that Foodlink offers include:

(1) One-time workshops: Recipe demonstrations and/or nutrition lessons during a 20-60-minute session. Guests may be offered samples of prepared recipes, with a focus on fruits and vegetables.  

(2) Series of workshops: A series of in-person or virtual sessions that support groups of individuals and/or families in their development of cooking skills and exploration of food. Classes are 60 minutes. 

(3) Tabling/Informational events: Information about health and nutrition provided to general audiences.