Volunteering at Foodlink: Safety Orientation

Thank you for volunteering at Foodlink! Your safety is our top priority. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines during your shift in our distribution center.

‘Dignity and respect’ at the Foodlink Community Café

Learn more about the Foodlink Community Café in downtown Rochester, and how it helps prepare culinary apprentices for their new careers, and serve a diverse customer base inside the Central Library (115 South Ave.). Video credit: WROC-TV Creative Services

Welcome to the Foodlink Community Café!

“Food should taste good, and do good” … that’s the mantra of the Foodlink Community Café! Our nonprofit café helps train culinary apprentices for their new careers, and offers an amazingly delicious menu inside our downtown library location. Stop by soon! 115 South Ave. Rochester, NY — www.foodlinkcommunitycafe.org — Video credit: Partners + Napier

Foodlink, Partners Address Rural Hunger in NY

The Foodlink Member Services team and staff and volunteers from Valley Chapel Free Methodist Church in Warsaw, NY talk about how they collaborate to nourish rural communities throughout the region. Video credit: Oh!Davidson Creative

Foodlink Expands Network of School Pantries

Administrators from East High and Greece Central Schools join Foodlink’s Joshua Wilcox to discuss the importance of school-based pantries in the Rochester area. Video credit: Oh!Davidson Creative.

Curbside Market expands to become nation’s first mobile WIC vendor

Foodlink hosted a media event on Sept. 17, 2021, to announce the expansion of the Curbside Market. With two Saturday stops added this past summer, the market became the first mobile WIC vendor in the nation. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and other state and local officials helped celebrate the achievement on Hunger Action Day.

Foodlink Career Fellowship recruiting for Class of 2022

Chef Ashley Chung, the chef trainer for the Foodlink Career Fellowship, guides us through a 90-second tour of the Foodlink Community Kitchen. The Fellowship recruits individuals who have experienced barriers to sustainable employment for a yearlong training program and cook apprenticeship.