BackPack Program

About the program

Tens of thousands of children in our 10-county service area receive free or reduced-price lunch at school. But when school is closed during weekends and holidays, many of those children go hungry. The BackPack Program from Foodlink provides children in need with bags of nutritious food they can discreetly take home and easily prepare on their own. The bags typically weigh about five pounds and contain items from all the food groups (according to 

In a typical year, the BackPack Program serves more than 3,000 children at more than 80 schools within Foodlink’s 10-county service area.

A special thank you to our friends at Delta Air Lines for generously supporting Foodlink’s BackPack Program.

Good nutrition is critical to good health and success at school. Children who don’t get enough to eat often have:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Lower Math and English scores
  • Difficulty interacting with peers
  • Trouble finishing tests in time
  • Lower graduation rates

How you can help

Donate to the program — $100 feeds one child for an entire school year. That’s just $2.50 a week! You can choose to sponsor the BackPack Program at many levels: from covering one child for a month all the way up to sponsoring an entire school. 100% of your monetary donations go directly to buying, packing, and distributing food to hungry kids.

Become a BackPack site and help hungry kids in your school. Thinking about becoming a BackPack site? Some things to consider are: how students in need will be identified, how you will receive and store BackPacks, how they can be distributed discreetly, and who will be in charge of the program.

Contact Emily Diaz at (585) 413-4054 or for more information.

“More and more people are becoming aware of how this small program is making a great impact.  By the growing number of different volunteers from adults to children they are seeing first hand how many kids we are able to help and how the Backpack Program makes a difference for so many of our kids.”-District Coordinator