The Foodlink Community Farm

Foodlink operates an urban farm and community garden, and supports schools and partners to develop their own gardens and programs. 

We believe that urban agriculture is an essential part of our local food system and the health of our community.

Stay tuned for updates about Foodlink’s significant investment in the future of the Foodlink Community Farm!


The Foodlink Community Farm is a 1.6-acre urban agriculture campus located between the Edgerton and Lyell-Otis neighborhoods of northwest Rochester. The farm consists of a large community garden, a commercial growing operation, and public pocket park and play area. Through the Foodlink Community Farm, Foodlink provides opportunities to build connections between the land, our programs, and our community.

Growing community through gardening

The community garden at the Foodlink Community Farm is the largest and most productive in Rochester. Foodlink founded the farm in 2011, as a result of the advocacy of a small group of New American families who organized around a need for space to grow fresh, high-quality, and culturally relevant food. 

Supporting Foodlink programs through commercial growing

Foodlink staff and volunteers also grow food at the Foodlink Community Farm that supports our Curbside Market, Community Kitchen and Nutrition Education programs. This commercial growing operation includes an orchard and apiary. 

Bringing gardening to the classroom and beyond

Through our urban agriculture programming, Foodlink collaborates with schools and community organizations in our service area to build teaching and community gardens, and to offer garden-based education.


  • The Foodlink Community Farm is one of the largest urban agriculture sites in the City of Rochester.

  • The community garden now provides space for 70 families to grow approximately 7,000 pounds of food for their households each year.
  • In 2023, our commercial operation at the farm harvested 3,500+ pounds of food for Foodlink’s programs.

  • Volunteers have donated more than 360 hours in time over the course of 2023! 
"In Nepal, I was trained to grow food since I was a child. Now, in Rochester, I wanted to share my experience to help the people who are here. I love growing fresh food — eating vegetables makes me feel healthy. I feel happy to be here, and proud to be here helping people."
Lachuman Pokhrel
Community Garden Steward
"There's a sense of tranquility. It's a peaceful spot to be in. It's kind of like this oasis in the middle of the city … you can come in to the garden space and be surrounded by all the green around us, and take joy in what's growing there."
John Miller
Community Farm Specialist

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Big changes are coming to the farm!

Foodlink will be investing significant resources in the farm in 2024 and beyond, including a new building and increased growing opportunities. 

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