Where to find Foodlink’s Emergency Food Supply Boxes

Foodlink has scaled up its food banking operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the rising need in our communities. In doing so, we have had to pivot away from some of our traditional distribution models in order to mitigate further spread of the coronavirus.

One of the focus areas of our hunger-relief efforts has been the safe packaging and distribution of Emergency Food Supply Boxes, which include a variety of non-perishable goods (scroll down for a list of items).

Foodlink is preparing tens of thousands of these boxes — ranging in size and weight and typically paired with perishable produce and dairy goods — and distributing them through new distribution channels and community partners throughout the region.


Foodlink will resume its drive-thru food distributions with Phase V beginning June 1.

Phase V will include slightly larger boxes of non-perishable goods (photo below), as well as an assortment of perishable goods such as dairy products and produce from the Nourish NY initiative. Pre-registration will once again be required for Monroe County sites, while sites in other counties will operate on a first come, first served basis unless registration details are noted.


Foodlink will announce the Phase V schedule during the week of May 26-29.

While contents of each box may vary, pictured above is a representation of what is included in Foodlink’s Phase V emergency food supply boxes.

FAQs for our EFSB distributions

Content of Boxes

Each individual or household will receive a box full of shelf-stable foods. The contents of the boxes may vary — depending on the availability of products in our supply chain — but a typical box may include: pasta, pasta sauce, canned soups, canned vegetables, canned fruits, tuna fish, cereal, and other foods.

Foodlink is also distributing an assortment of other perishable goods, such as dairy products, eggs, juice, and bags of pre-packed produce (e.g. potatoes, apples and/or oranges) to pair with each box.

Although some food products are more challenging to procure since the pandemic began, we are in daily contact with food wholesalers and distributors throughout the region and nation to secure as much food as possible for future distributions.

Social distancing

All distributions will take place in large, open spaces — like parking lots — where there is room for multiple cars. All staff and volunteers will maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times. Clients are asked to stay in their cars, with the windows up, at all times.

No-contact model

Clients are asked to stay in their vehicle, with the windows up, at all times. The staff or volunteers at the sites will have no contact with all clients. We will use a drive-through model. This means that after you check in, you will drive through the lane with your trunk open. A staff person or volunteer at the site will place the box in the trunk of your car, close your trunk, and tap lightly on your car to let you know that it is safe to drive away.

Check-in process

You can come to the distribution site at any time during the set distribution schedule, By pre-registering, you ensure that you will get a box, which means that you do not need to come early or be given a set time window for pick up. When you pull up to the distribution site, you will be asked to stay in your vehicle with the windows up. A staff person or volunteer will assist you with check in by asking you to show your ID with your name and the address that you used to pre-register, behind your closed window. If you do not have an ID then a bill/statement with name and address is acceptable. The staff person or volunteer will check that you are on their list for pre-registration, ask you to open the trunk of your car, and then direct you toward a distribution lane.

What To Bring

Please bring your ID (or other documentation with name and address, if you do not have an ID) with your name and the address that you used to pre-register for the distribution site. Please make sure to clean out the trunk of your car so that distribution staff and volunteers place your box inside quickly and safely.

For those seeking meals for school-age children in Rochester, click the link below:

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