A taste of honey …

Hardworking honeybees deserve most of the credit, but participants in our Foodlink Career Fellowship also were hard at work Friday morning preparing jars of honey from the Lexington Avenue Community Farm!

Led by Nathaniel Mich, Foodlink’s Edible Education & Urban Farming Specialist, four Fellows and a farm volunteer spent the morning pouring honey into 68 jars. Nearly all of it will be sold on the Curbside Market — Foodlink’s mobile farmers market. The jars likely will retail for $5 — about half what you might normally pay in a grocery store.

FACEBOOK: More photos on the Lexington Ave. Community Farm page

Honey was harvested at the farm for the first time last year, and was given the name “50,000 sisters,” representing how many bees — all related and all female — that typically live together in a hive. Now that the honey is bottled, we’ll be sticking our labels on them soon and getting them out to our loyal Curbside customers!

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