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Foodlink opposes DHS’s proposed rule that would penalize legal immigrants for using public assistance programs

On Thursday evening, Foodlink’s Mitch Gruber publicly read a brief statement on behalf of Foodlink in response to a disconcerting proposal from the Trump administration that would affect immigrant families, and increase food insecurity in our community and nationwide. The new proposal by the Department of Homeland Security would threaten to deny legal immigrants green cards if they benefited from public assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Foodlink’s official statement is below:

“In solidarity with Feeding America, and other organizations such as the Food Research & Action Center, and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Foodlink strongly opposes the DHS’s recent proposed changes to immigration policy, and urges the Administration to rescind it. In our ongoing efforts to end hunger and build healthier communities, this is just another barrier that unnecessarily makes people choose between putting food on the table, and gaining lawful residency or citizenship. This is a cruel policy, and would be implemented under the misguided view that immigrants do not contribute to our local, state and national economy. This policy would sow fear and uncertainty among immigrant communities, and certainly dissuade many from applying for needed health coverage and housing assistance, as well.

“Federal nutrition programs were designed by Congress to be there for citizens and legal immigrants during difficult times, and eligibility for those programs reflects that intent. Tying their participation to their ability to reside lawfully in this country would roll back this longstanding principle and  undercut our efforts to address food insecurity and poverty in our communities.”

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