Impact story: Meet Michael Washington

As part of Walmart’s 2019 “Fight Hunger. Spark Change” campaign, we wanted to share with you one perspective from a food pantry client of Rochester Family Mission — one of the 200+ emergency food providers in Foodlink’s network.

Michael wanted to share his story, and tell us how grateful he was for the support of the pantry, as to tries to get back on his feet. Here is what he had to say:

“When we have good people that help people by the grace of God and the spirit of God, they try to help the community, and give more than what they have to give … This church here is a blessing and I thank you for listening to me and having the patience to hear me.

“I’m staying with a friend right now, and my friend has three kids. I don’t want to take food out of a child’s mouth. I’m just blessed that they let me stay there until I can find a job. I’m a hard-working man and I don’t ask for nothing and I work for everything I get. But I come here so I can get help as I look for a job, to help myself — that means a lot.”

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