KanPak, GSF Foundation host ‘No Lunch, Lunch’ in support of Foodlink

The meal was simple and so was the message. Too many children struggle with hunger in our communities. 

At the “Feeding Hunger: A ‘No Lunch’ Lunch” event Nov. 20 at Penn Yan, more than 200 people gathered to help raise awareness about food insecurity in the Finger Lakes, with proceeds benefitting Foodlink. 

KanPak, which hosted the event, and the Golden State Foods Foundation combined to raise $40,000 for the first-year event. “No Lunch” Lunch featured a panel of speakers, and a soup kitchen-style meal of soup and bread. The Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch program was developed by the GSF Foundation in 2016, and is on track to provide 750,000 meals through their food bank partners by the end of 2018. 

“Our goal is to help the hungry children and their families in our local community, and partnering with Foodlink, we know that the funds we raise through Feeding Hunger: A “No Lunch” Lunch will directly benefit those who need it most,” said Melissa Nolan, KanPak Penn Yan local committee chair. “With the help of our sponsors, customers, and the resources of Foodlink, we’re working to end hunger here in our hometown.”


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