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Summer Meals … on wheels

When it came time make sure the Summer Meals Partnership of Rochester could go mobile, the growth of one Foodlink program helped the growth of another. 

When the Curbside Market added a new vehicle to its fleet, we took one of the older trucks out of the rotation. Perfect timing, it would seem, as the partnership was seeking a way of delivering more meals in neighborhoods that did not have a nearby Summer Meals site. 

The partnership’s mobile initiative took aim at a handful of neighborhoods and found locations where kids naturally gather over the summer. Summer Meals On Wheels was born. Two sites were piloted last summer (local libraries), and now we have seven sites on board (four daily sites and three more that are rotating).

Foodlink hired a driver for the program (Welcome, Silvia!) and retrofitted the Curbside Market vehicle and turned it into our Summer Meals on Wheels mobile vehicle. Now, we’re off and running.

See below for our full mobile schedule. And visit the Summer Meals website for a complete schedule of our regular sites. 

11 – 11:30am – Conkey Corner Park (92 Conkey Ave.)

11:50am – 12:20pm – Rotating schedule*

12:40 – 1:10pm – Lincoln Library (851 Joseph Ave.)

1:30 – 2pm – Arnett Library (310 Arnett Blvd.)

2:20 – 2:50pm Maplewood Library (1111 Dewey Ave.)

* Monday/Wednesday at Lyell Library (956 Lyell Ave.)

Tuesday/Thursday at Phyllis Wheatley Library (33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way)

Friday at Susan B Anthony Park (540 W. Main St.)


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