Wayne County now third in nation in apple growing

Did you know that Wayne County were its own state, it would rank fourth in the NATION in apple growing?

Data from the latest U.S. Agriculture Census (2017) was released this spring, and our neighbors to the east in Wayne County made some impressive gains as the state’s epicenter of apples. There are 23,685 acres of apple farms in Wayne County, which makes it the third-highest apple producing county in the country. That’s an improvement from the last Census, in which they ranked fourth.

Unsurprisingly, Washington leads the country — by a wide margin. New York is next in line, followed by Michigan, Pennsylvania and California. Wayne County accounts for nearly half of all apple farm acreage in New York.

Check out the charts below for the top 5 states and counties for apple farm acreage, as of 2017:


Washington        179,899

New York             50,450

Michigan              38,563

Pennsylvania     22,513

California             13,637


Yakima                  WA         58,670

Grant                    WA         51,093

Wayne                  NY          23,685

Okanogan           WA         15,856

Adams                  PA          13,160

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