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Foodlink Career Fellowship Class 5 Graduation

Five years, five graduations later, the Foodlink Career Fellowship has helped more than 30 aspiring chefs work towards their culinary goals. Graduates of the Foodlink Career Fellowship follow a rigorous one year program that gives them all the tools, resources and skills to enter into the culinary world – which helps open doors to their exciting culinary future! Graduates have gone to work for restaurants, companies like Wegmans, and some working on building out their business as food entrepreneurs.

On Monday, January 30, Foodlink Career Fellowship held a graduation for Class 5. The graduates included Tahnee Rodiguez, Kystal Bowman and David Curenton. Friends, family, mentors and colleagues all joined together to show support and congratulate the graduates on their success. Each graduate was presented with a certificate of graduation and a chef’s coat. 

Although the graduates have completed their journey with Foodlink, this is not the end for them but rather a new beginning. They now join the alumni network where they continue to learn, build connections and move forward towards their personal and professional goals. Krystal is currently employed at Genesee Valley Club. Tahnee works at Wegmans Food Markets. And David is currently and extern at Lean Life MFG.

The celebration concluded with refreshments from alumni KayJona Rogers and Class 6 Fellows. 

Congratulations to our Class 5 fellows! If you or someone is interested in learning more about the Foodlink Career Fellowship please click here. We are currently recruiting for our 7th Class which will begin in March.  

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