Before you ROC the Day … research!

With #GivingTuesday less than two weeks away, we hope everyone in the Rochester area is considering taking part in ROC the Day — a 24-hour “dash to donate” to benefit local nonprofits (including Foodlink!).


If you know you’ll be donating (to us or one of the other fine charities in our area), do a little bit of research to see if you can increase the impact of your donation. Did you know that several employers nationwide (Gap, CarMax, ExxonMobil, for example) have matching gift programs?

Use this tool, provided for free by, to search for employers all over the country. Just type in your employer’s name and access matching gift forms, guidelines and submission instructions. If you don’t find your employer on the list, it doesn’t hurt to ask HR or your supervisor!

Thanks for listening, and we hope you’re planning on being a “ROC-star” on Nov. 29.  

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