Celebrating another Muffin Day at Foodlink


What’s Muffin Day?

I realize that almost everything on Earth has a “Day” associated with it. We hear about it on Facebook, or on the local news whenever a quirky or abstract one appears on the calendar. And truth be told, there is a Muffin Day (multiple ones, actually, because Blueberry and Oatmeal apparently couldn’t share).

But here at Foodlink, Muffin Day is more significant. It represents the day — in 1978 — that our founder Tom Ferraro made a public plea for excess food to support Rochester’s local food pantries. The kind folks at Thomas’ English Muffins responded and off went Tom to the factory to pick up a few muffins. 

The donation, however, was larger than he expected. He had to return to the facility with a borrowed school bus, loaded it up, and the rest is history. Abundance was shared. 

So Dec. 19 isn’t just a day to enjoy a muffin or two (although we certainly did), it’s a day to recognize our founder’s vision and legacy. And nearly 40 years later, it’s a day to celebrate how far Foodlink has come as an organization. 


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